An ideal solution for homes with radiator or baseboard heat, A Unique Indoor Comfort high velocity system fits any home no matter the age or construction. From restored barns, to simple colonials, to contemporary custom homes, high velocity provides comfort without the disruption of major renovations.

Cool air is delivered through 2 inch flexible ducts designed and engineered to be installed into existing homes. There are no unsightly, exposed ducts. The compact air handler can be installed in attics, basements, crawlspaces or even closets, allowing the design to meet almost any challenge. The high velocity system brings central air to any home while preserving charm and architectural integrity. There is now an air conditioing option that provides total comfort without compromise.

At the beginning there was a select group of Unique Indoor comfort engineers that played an influential role in the development of the high velocity cooling principle. Fast forward to the present, the same Unique Indoor Comfort (now removed from the manufacturing process), has nearly a half-century of installation experience and as a result has pioneered many of the engineering practices and installation principles today. Where many contractors are apprehensive because of the extreme learning curve, Unique Indoor Comfort has developed an expertise in retrofitting central air conditioning.

No Loss of Usable Space

The high velocity system uses less than one-fourth of the space than a traditional system. Closets remain as usable spaces with the flexible metal tubing taking up less than a shoe length of space if closet access is necessary.

No Remodeling

The high velocity flexible tubes weave through and around the existing construction, eliminating unsightly or cumbersome ducts. Installation is less disruptive, there’s less mess, less dust, and less install time. A compact air handler can be installed in the attic, basement, or even a closet ensuring the architectural integrity is preserved.

Draft Free, Even Temperatures
The high velocity system is engineered to create an air principle called aspiration that produces a suction around each supply outlet to draw room air into its stream for even, draft-free environment.

Humidity Control
The high velocity system provides greater humidity removal with a superior and efficient mechanical design. The cooling coils are two times thicker which results in up to 30% greater humidity removal. Lower indoor humidity creates an indoor environment that is comfortable at higher temperature settings – not to mention saves on the energy bill.

Quiet Operation
The indoor air handler is suspended and mounted on vibration pads to isolate noise and vibration. Each supply tube is lined with sound-dampening material that provides quiet airflow from each outlet.


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