Thinking about making the switch to clean, efficient and convenient natural gas heat or hot water?

Convert to a high-efficiency gas heating system now and you could save on your heating bill thanks to lower natural gas prices.

Experts in the energy industry agree that the price of Natural Gas is going to remain stable for much longer than oil. The East Coast of the United States has generation’s worth of Natural Gas and world oil supplies are running out. Here are a few reasons why switching to clean natural gas makes sense.

  • With greatly reduced sulfate, nitrate and particulate emissions, Natural Gas burns much cleaner than Oil.
  • More than 90% of America’s consumption of Natural Gas is supplied from North American. reserves.
  • Natural Gas contributes 30% less to greenhouse gas production.
  • Less maintenance and service is required with gas equipment than oil.
  • There are many incentives & rebates offered by local gas utility providers.

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