Let’s face it – New England winters can be downright brutal! Shoveling, snowblowing, and ice dams are just some of the joys that homeowners get to deal with during wintertime.  Adding to this laundry list of pleasant activities is trying to fix a broken furnace during the middle of a snowstorm, while also attending to your family and their needs. Instead of digging through your toolbox and Googling how to fix a furnace, why not leave it to the experts? Or maybe winter is fast approaching and you realize that your furnace has seen better days and are interested in a new system.

Since 1967, Boston Unique Indoor Comfort has been helping install and repair furnaces for homeowners in New England. With over forty years of experience, our HVAC experts have the experience and know-how to properly diagnose your furnace issue. Boston Unique Indoor Comfort is dedicated to providing an extremely satisfactory customer experience, as evident by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. As homeowners ourselves, we realize that heating issues can arise at any time of day, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency service calls.

Don’t let yourself and your family freeze all winter due to a faulty furnace! Request a quote on our furnace installation or repair  services today or give us a call at 781-933-7878 today!

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