WindfarmAre you looking for new ways to save energy and save money this spring and summer? By picking up a few new habits and making a couple of changes to the way you household operates, you’ll be saving energy in no time!

1. USE A PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT. If there are long periods of time throughout the day when no one is home, having a programmable thermostat set to a higher temperature when no one is home saves energy by not wasting cold air on an empty house.

2. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL TO MAINTAIN YOUR COOLING SYSTEM. Routinely replacing and cleaning your air filters can drastically reduce the amount of energy your air conditioning unit uses. Hiring a professional for annual maintenance can set you up to save energy and reduce costs from issues down the road.

3. USE YOUR WINDOWS EFFICIENTLYIf you live in a place where it gets cool at night, take advantage, and open the windows while you sleep instead of having the air conditioning unit on.

4. KEEP HOT AIR FROM LEAKING INTO YOUR HOME. Preventing hot air from leaking in your home is simpler than you would think. When the sun is high and has strong rays, close the drapes and blinds on those windows to block the heat from coming in. Seal any cracks around windows and doors that could let warm air in and put door blockers at the bottom of doors that lead to the attic.

5. USE AN ELECTRONIC POWER STRIP. By plugging electronic devices into a power strip and turning it off when it’s not in use, you will help reduce phantom loads.

6. COOK OUTSIDE. Using the oven on warm days causes the temperature in your house to rise, in turn causing the air conditioning to turn on and work harder to cool your house down. By cooking outside or using the microwave in place of the oven eliminates this extra heat.

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