Routine air conditioning maintenance is essential for keeping your unit running properly, but many homeowners are not aware of what goes on during a maintenance appointment. The result of this is the homeowners putting off routine maintenance until something goes wrong with their air conditioning units during the hottest months of the year. So, what happens during your maintenance appointment? Let’s find out. Wrench

When you entrust your air conditioner in Boston Unique Comfort’s hands, you will receive top of the line care by experienced technicians that can answer any of the questions you might have. Your Boston Unique Indoor Comfort maintenance appointment includes:

  • Visual inspection of your air conditioning unit
  • Assessment of cols, fan blades, and motor
  • Inspection of unit for dirt and debris
  • Cleaning of the coils, fan blades, and motor
  • Run system and make any adjustments (if necessary)
  • Inspect unit for leaks
  • Inspection of electrical and duct work
  • Air filter replacement for energy efficiency
  • Clear and flush drains to the unit
  • Lubrication of motor (if necessary)
  • Remove and clear the unit of debris

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